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Allows us to take years of experience in the music industry working with numerous major artists and supply you with any combination of the following list of services.

  • Database Building/Management

Whether you are looking to start collecting fan e-mails or need someone to maintain a constantly growing list, we can provide a safe and secure process of database management.

  • E-Mail/Newsletter Marketing

Many artists have a list of fans but don’t know the proper way to converting that into ticket sales. We can tailor an e-mail marketing strategy that not only informs the fans but can create a return of investment through merchandise and ticket sales.

  • Social Engagement

Anyone can make random posts on social media but it takes strong marketing plan to turn that post into new fans and increased sales. Our constantly growing knowledge and years of experience in social media marketing can create a strong online presence that will translate into a powerful brand.

  • Merchandise

Fans are always looking for a new way to show their support for an artist/brand. When marketed properly, merchandise can become the largest form of income for an artist/brand. Whether you are looking for new merch ideas or in need of a printer or fulfillment, we can provide a full merchandising plan from start to finish. Including creating an all new store on your website.






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